In the development of new theatres, the quality of the development process is one of the critical success factors: 


Every step in the development process has consequences for the next stage. Especially in redeveloping existing theatres, it is essential to retain what is already in place, while ensuring successful implementation of any necessary innovations. 

Cultural Affairs has successfully implemented the following projects in this field:


2017 (March - July) 

Municipality of Harderwijk , development of a theater in former library

Project leader


2017 (March) - present 

Sittard, De Domijnen, theatre and art house movie theatre

Interim-head of department Podium


2004 (August) - present 

Nieuwegein, municipal theatre, art education building, cultural catering facilities

Programme management


2012 (January - February) 

Utrecht, Zimihc foundation, Vorstelijk Complex – Centre for Amateur Arts

Organisation consultancy


2012 (January - February) 

Emmeloord, ’t Voorhuys theatre foundation

(policy consultancy)


2011 (August) - 2012 (February)

Enschede, Consultant (in cooperation with Cor Wijn) for citywide study on Enschede theatres, concerthalls and popvenues on programming,

profiles and operations.


2011 (June) 

Vlissingen, Cultuurwerf foundation, consultancy for the development of a multi functional accommodation

Theatre, popvenue, arts centre, festivals


2009 (September) - 2010 (June) 

Utrecht, Zimihc foundation, Vorstelijk Complex – Centre for Amateur Arts

Building and organisation consultancy


2007 (December) - 2008 (March) 

Amsterdam, Cultuur aan het IJ foundation, Tolhuistuin cultural complex

Organisation consultancy


2007 (November) - 2008 (February) 

Zwijndrecht, Theatre De Uitstek

Consultancy downscaling plan and social plan


2004 (December) - 2005 (February) 

Zwijndrecht, Theatre De Uitstek

Development of future scenarios


2001 - 2004 

Nieuwegein, municipal theatre, art education building, cultural catering facilities and development of cultural programmes for the town centre

Preparation of new building and programme development


2003 (April - May) 

Culemborg, municipal authorities, De Fransche School theatre and the old Town Hall

Feasibility study, operation plan and redevelopment


1996 - 2001

Schiedam, Schiedam Theatre foundation, new theatre

Supervision of construction and interior development, start-up and general management


1993 - 1996

Zwijndrecht, De Uitstek

Interim-management en voorbereiding verbouw theater


1995 (May - June) 

Capelle aan den IJssel, municipal theatre and music school

Operation plan


1991 - 1993

Rijswijk, municipal authorities, Rijswijk Playhouse

Supervision of new building, start-up and general management


1989 - 1991 

Utrecht, Sterrenbos Theatre

Start-up and general management of new theatre



Amsterdam, City Playhouse/NOS and Ghieslebert Thierens management agency, Heijermans project

Development and implementation of publicity campaign


1988 - 1989 

Maasland, Jacques Senf management agency

Head of production and publicity


1984 - 1987 

Huizen, Ontmoetingscentrum foundation, Theater 3 in 1/De Boerderij

Programming and publicity 



Utrecht, University of Utrecht 350th anniversary celebrations / 1st edition Theater aan de Werf Festival

Development and implementation of publicity