The quality of the management of a development process, project or cultural institution is a key success factor. 


Depending on the situation, a project or process manager, an (interim) director or even an administrator may be called in to exercise control.

Cultural Affairs has successfully implemented the following projects in this field: 


2004 (August) - present 

Nieuwegein, municipal authorities

Programme manager / delegated commissioning party


2010 (September) – present 

Rotterdam, Rotterdam Art Accommodation Foundation

Member of governing board


2010 (August) – present

Hilversum, De Vorstin performance venue foundation

Chair of governing board


2005 - present 

Rotterdam, Rotterdam International Fringe Festival

Initiative, start-up and member of governing board


2006 (November) - 2007 (July) 

Zwolle, Hedon pop music venue

Interim director


2004 - 2007

Rotterdam, Rotterdam City Business Federation

Chair pop venues, film and theatre cluster


1997 - 2004 

Amsterdam, Association of Performance Technology (VPT)

chair of governing board


2003 (November) - 2006 (December) 

Rotterdam, pop music facility multipurpose building WaterFront

Interim director


1998 - 2003 

Schiedam, Trade and Industry Association, Waterweg Noord division

Member of governing board


1997 - 2001 

Amsterdam, Employers’ association Playhouses and Concert Halls

Member of governing board


1996 - 2001 

Schiedam, Schiedam Theatre foundation



1993 - 1996 

Zwijndrecht, Theatre De Uitstek

Interim director


1991 - 1993 

Utrecht, Sterrenbos Theatre



1989 - 1991 

Zwijndrecht, Theatre De Uitstek

Interim director



Den Bosch, Coordination Centre for Foster Families

Commercial manager theatre group



Delft, University of Technology

Commercial manager Delftse Komedie production group


1978 - 1979 

Poland, Denmark, Netherlands , Project manager AITA/IATA and Netherlands Centre for Amateur Dramatics

Project manager international student theatre project