Cultural Affairs develops cultural programmes, cultural organizations and cultural buildings.


Cultural Affairs accepts contracts and assignments from the performing arts sector (theatre and pop music, playhouses, concert halls) and from visual arts institutions, libraries and cinemas.


2017 (March) - present) 

Sittard, De Domijnen, theatre and art house movie theatre

Interim-head of department Podium


2017 (March - present) 

Municipality of Harderwijk , development of a theater in former library

Project leader


2017 (February - present) 

Municipality of Lansingerland , development of a culture cluster

Project leader


2017 (February - present) 

Municipality of Brunssum 

Evaluation of cultural policy


2010 (September) - present

Rotterdam, Rotterdam Art Accommodation Foundation

Member of governing board


2010 (August) - present

Hilversum, De Vorstin performance venue foundation

Chair of governing board