Within any municipality, the improvement, merger or redevelopment of cultural institutions is a sporadic activity. 


As a result, most municipal authorities do not have access to the required expertise in-house, to prepare, implement and direct the development process. 

Cultural Affairs has successfully implemented the following projects in this field:


2017 (March - July) 

Municipality of Harderwijk , development of a theater in former library

Project leader


2017 (February - June) 

Municipality of Lansingerland , development of a culture cluster

Project leader


2017 (February - June) 

Municipality of Brunssum 

Evaluation of cultural policy


2016 (December) 

Municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee , development of cultural policy

Senior advisor


2004 - present 

Nieuwegein, municipal theatre, pop music venue, library, Visual arts centre, art education building, art cinema, cultural catering facilities

Programme management


2011 (August - present)

Delft, Consultant/member expert team for the privatization of municipal departments Art education, Archives and Archeology service


2011 (August) - 2012 (February)

Enschede, Consultant (in cooperation with Cor Wijn) for citywide study on Enschede theatres, concerthalls and popvenues on programming, profiles and operations.


2011 (January) 

Leiden, gemeente Muziekcentrum De Nobel

Adviezen exploitatie-opzet


2009 (May) - 2009 (November) 

Leiden, municipal music centre De Nobel

Development of construction process, operation and organisation


2009 (March - May) 

Nieuwegein, municipal pop music location for practice sessions



2008 (September - October) 

Amsterdam, city district Oud West, Muzieklab pop music location for practice sessions

Feasibility study and operation plan


2008 (May - June) 

Nieuwegein, municipal pop music venue

Feasibility study


2007 - 2008 (January) 

Gouda, municipal cultural district: library, museum, local archive, music school, creativity centre, art cinema

Development of new building and programming


2001 - 2004 

Nieuwegein, municipal theatre, art education building, cultural catering facilities and development of cultural programmes for the town centre

Preparation of new building, including schedules of requirements


2003 (April - May) 

Culemborg, municipal authorities, De Fransche School theatre and the old Town Hall

Redevelopment, operation plan


1995 (May - June)

Rijswijk, municipal authorities, new Rijswijk Playhouse

Supervision of new building, start-up and general management


2003 (april - mei) 

Culemborg, gemeente Theater de Fransche School en Oude Raadhuis

Herontwikkeling, exploitatieopzet


1996 - 2001 

Schiedam, new municipal theatre

Start-up and general management


1991 - 1993 

Rijswijk, municipal authorities, Rijswijk Playhouse

Supervision of new building, start-up and general management