Changing economic or financial circumstances, changes in demographics, lifestyle or legislation: 


Practically everything has an influence on the programming of cultural institutions. Because the programming is the raison d’être for a cultural institution, in the event of expansion, cutbacks, mergers and innovations, the programming of every cultural institution must be carefully managed.

Cultural Affairs has successfully implemented the following projects in this field:


2004 (August) - present 

Nieuwegein, municipal authorities

Programme management for theatre, pop music venue, library, centre for visual arts, art education building, art cinema 


2005 - 2011 (February)

Rotterdam,  Rotterdam International Fringe Festival foundation

Initiator, fringe programming North Sea Round Town in collaboration with the North Sea Jazz Festival Rotterdam


2010 (september) – 2011 (april) 

Lusaka Zambia, Dutch Embassy

Development of cultural programme


2009 (May) - 2009 (November) 

Leiden, De Nobel music centre

Operation plan and development of new programming


2009 (January - May) 

Riyadh Saudi Arabië, Dutch Embassy

Development of cultural programme


2009 (January) 

Drechtsteden, (joint development of architectural programme Drechtsteden, EO Wijers Competition 2008 Deltapoort: 1st prize) 


2008 (September - October) 

Amsterdam, city district Oud West, Muzieklab

Development of programme for pop music location for practice sessions


2007 - 2008 (January) 

Gouda, cultural district

Development of programme-based collaboration between library, museum, local archive, music school, creativity centre and art cinema


2004 (December) - 2005 (February) 

Zwijndrecht, Theatre De Uitstek

Developing future scenarios with adapted programming


1995 (May-June) 

Capelle aan den IJssel,

Operation plan with programming plan for the new theatre to be built in Capelle aan den IJssel